In Shop Repairs:

$90 Per Hour Labor for games brought to me for in-shop repair (pickup and drop off can be arranged for a fee based on distance)

Home Repairs:

20 miles or less from my house: $100 for the first hour

21-69 miles from my house: $150 for the first hour

70 miles and over from my house: $200 for the first hour

A minimum of one hour labor is billed for each in-home repair. After the first hour, labor is billed in quarter hour increments at $25 per 15 minutes.

*UPDATE ON HOME REPAIRS 10/15/2021 – I am currently inundated with work at the shop and will only be considering home repairs on a case-by-case basis. As these machines have aged, it is getting increasingly difficult to repair machines over 10-15 years old in a home environment and address all of the issues they inevitably have unless they have had some attention by another technician or qualified individual over the past decade. Feel free to still contact me regarding a home repair and I will analyze based on distance, machine age and condition, and my current workflow.

I charge parts more or less at cost to me with shipping costs from the manufacturer factored in.

Most minor, common and single problem issues can be completed as an in-house repair in about one hour.

If you have a machine that has been sitting for a long time or has a lot of issues that need to be sorted through, I may request that the machine is brought to me so that I can repair in my home shop. If you need help transporting a game to the shop, I can assist in transportation for a fee based on travel to and from.

Pinball machines are complex machines with both electronic and mechanical parts that, if sitting for a long time or have a lot of issues, take time to diagnose, adjust and repair. I keep many common parts on hand, but if it does need a lot of work, it might take several parts orders through the repair process, and might require a return visit or, in some situations, an inability to repair the machine. Services rendered are still billed as above in these instances, though this occurrence is rare and return visits are billed the same as above as well.

The mechanical nature of pinball makes all repairs final when services are rendered and will not be covered by any warranty except for parts replaced during repair, which are warrantied for 30 days.

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  1. Jan Karicher says:

    Do you ever get out to Wilmington, NC?

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