1988 Williams Swords of Fury Refurbish

Have been a little slow on the updates lately, but just too busy to keep up, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Not too long ago I picked up a 1988 Williams Swords of Fury machine that needed a little love, but overall was a pretty nice example of this cheesy, fun System 11 pinball machine.

This one was going into the permanent collection for awhile, so it got the royal treatment. I tore the whole top half of the playfield down, re-rubbered the game, added new star posts throughout, polished and waxed the playfield, and added LEDs throughout the game.

There were some sluggish drop targets on the drop bank and one which wouldn’t reset the entire way. I pulled the target bank apart and made the necessarily adjustments for smooth operation and fixed the not resetting one by adding a small piece of double-sided adhesive underneath that gave enough length to get it to push all the way up for proper reset.

Both the left flippers weren’t working, which required a complete rebuild of the top flipper assembly including the EOS, and a partial rebuild of the bottom left assembly.

All-in-all she came a long way from her humble beginnings and I’m now enjoying this game in my current line-up.

I’ve got a stock pile of repair logs to fill out, bear with me as I try to get a new one up every day or two until I’m through the queue.


Swords of Fury Day 1


Swords of Fury after repairs, shop job and LEDs added.

About Matthew Mandarano

Matthew is a cinematographer and video specialist by day and pinball fanatic at night. Somewhere in between he also finds time to play the guitar, collect vinyl records and watch a good deal of movies and TV shows.
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