Service Specialties

There are two major subsets of pinball machines: electro-meachanical (EM) and solid state (SS) pinballs. Electro-mechanical machines are machines prior to 1977-78 that use mechanical score reels and a series of open and closed switches, solenoids and relays to operate the game. Solid state machines are generally post-1976 games that use solid state electronics with digital displays.

Most electro-mechanicals follow the same principals generally in function. Solid-state machines, for the most part, do as well; however, the electronics in solid state machines depending on the era and manufacturer differ in design.

Here are the primary service specialties I handle:


I can repair electro-mechanical machines; however, they are not my primary service specialty as the bulk of my collection and experience are solid state machines. Due to the timely nature of repairing major issues on EMs, many times well above the value of the machine itself, I, as a rule, do not take on EM repairs. Feel free to reach out and if I can refer you to someone willing to take on an EM, I will. Or, if it seems a relatively simple fix, I will be willing to take on the machine.

Bally Solid-State: -17 and -35 (1977-85), 6803 (1985-88)

Williams Solid-State: System 3-6, 7-9, 11, WPC, WPC-95 (1977-1999)

Gottlieb Solid-State: System 1, System 80A, System 3 (1977-1995)

Data East Pinball Machines (1987-1994)

Sega Pinball Machines (1994-1999)

Stern Pinball (1999-present)

Jersey Jack Pinball (2014-present)

Spooky Pinball (2015-present)

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